COMpact 5020 VOIP


  • Osnovna konfiguracija dva istovremena VoIP kanala, proširivo do 4 VoIP kanala
  • SIP protokol
  • Do 3 ISDN javne linije
  • Do 10 javnih linija (3 x ISDN  4c x VoIP)
  • ISDN linija ili UP0 interni (sistemski Aparat),
  • Do 16 internih aparata tipa COMfortel
  • Do 10 analognih priključka sa CLIP funkciom
  • Priključenje za interfon sa otvaranjem vrata
  • LCR sa automatskog ili ručnog ažuriranja tabela poziva (samo za nemačke  operatere),
  • Automatski operater (opciono)
  • Povezivanje na računar  (Third Party CTI, LAN TAPI)
  • Hotelske funkcije
Podešavanje i konfigurisanje preko web interfejsa
  3. INFO


Voicemail and Fax Functions (with 2VoIP Module)

  • 20 Voicemail and 20 fax boxes for single users and groups
  • Fax sending via the network
    (printer driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7)
  • Storage of the voice and fax messages on an USB memory stick (not included)
  • Recording capacity (with 4 GByte memory):
    – approx. 120 hours voice messages
       incl. announcements
    – approx. 3.500 fax pages
  • Individual announcements, depending on number, time and call type
  • Call acceptance depending on time and call type
  • Automatic revision of old voice and fax messages
  • Full system integration, convenient operation via corded COMfortel system telephones
  • Substitute function
  • Notification via RSS feed and call (int. and ext.)
  • Message and fax forwarding as audio or PDF file via e-mail
  • Speech assisted operation of the mail boxes locally and remotely

Additional Trunk Line and Extension Features

  • Waiting field6 for up to 14 simultaneous ext. calls
  • Auto Attendant5
  • Announcement before answering unconditional / on busy, 10 announcements with 1 minute each
  • Open query
  • Flexible internal numbering plan (10 … 9999)
  • Group calls with different calling schemes
  • Group caller lists3
  • Number and name presentation2 (CLIP/CNIP)
  • Online name search (reverse search), individualisable
  • Ring tones selectable for internal, external and door calls
  • Dial tone selectable
  • Call protection internal / exchange line
  • VIP and Robinson numbers (release and lock of incoming calls)
  • Busy-on-Busy for internal and external calls
  • Automatic callback on busy or no reply internal / via exchange line
  • Exchange line reservation
  • Direct line access
  • Call pickup (e.g. from answering machine)
  • Call brokering internal, Three-party conference internal / via exchange line / via 2nd B channel
  • Call diversion, Follow me internal, cascadable
  • Call diversion via 2nd B channel, configuration controlled
  • Parallel call, simultaneous calling of a 2nd target
  • Call transfer external
  • Door terminal to exchange line calls
    (pharmacy function)
  • Boss/Secretary function6
  • Wake-up calls, 3 announcements select. by time
  • Speaker announcement to system telephones (single and groups)
  • Call Through function5
  • Least Cost Routing5, manual editing of the tariff table

Additional System Features

  • 8 system profiles (configurations) switchable via internal clock or via telephone from internal and external
  • Hotel function3, 5
  • LAN-TAPI5 (4 clients included)
  • Bank holiday table for automatic switching of system profiles or wake-up calls
  • Music-on-Hold with additional announcement
    – music (approx. 6 minutes) and announcement
       (approx. 1 minute), wave file transfer from PC 
    – ext. via audio input of COMpact TSM Module
  • Automatic switching functions (with TSM Module), configuration controlled, e.g.:
    – relais "on" during the day
    – MP3 player "on" at query
  • Remote switching internal / via exchange line (with TSM Module)

Software Interfaces (APIs)

  • LAN-TAPI5 (4 clients in scope of delivery)
  • Fax sending
  • Online name search (reverse search), individualisable

Activation Options5

  • 64 internal numbers, 32 included
  • Soft-LCR subcribers (for up to 64 subcribers),
    8 included
  • Call Through connections (all lines),
    1 connection included
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call records (up to 6,000), 2,000 included
  • Project assignment of calls
  • LAN TAPI lines (up to 20), 4 included
  • X.31 on internal S0 port (X.25 via D channel)
  • Hotel function (up tp 10 in-room telephones)

Installation and Maintenance

  • Assistant to configure basic functions
  • Administration via Web interface (integrated Web server)
  • System access via Ethernet and internal S0 port4
  • Automatic detection of the dialling method and the FLASH time on the analog ports
  • System software update: PC upload local and from external or with automatic time-control
  • Profiles for quick configuration of subscribers and groups
  • Remote programming via Internet and trunk line possible (password protection)



Technical data of COMpact 5020 VoIP:

230 V; +/-10 %; 50 Hz
6 W min., 40 W max.
3 S0 port max., point-to-multipoint/point-to-point connection
6 analog trunk lines max. (pulse/tone dialling, CLIP capable)
2–8 VoIP channels (SIP according to RFC 3261), SIP trunking support
G.711 (option: G.723, G.726, G.729 A/E, iLBC)
for 10 devices, symmetrical, pulse/tone dialling, CLIP/CNIP capable (FSK)
2 x 50 Ohm, approx. 790 m at Ø 0.6 mm

8 S0 respect. UP0 ports max., point-to-multipoint connection
(PTMP, Euro ISDN, DSS-1)

approx. 150 m
approx. 1,000 m at Ø 0,6 mm
2–8 VoIP channels (SIP according to RFC 3261)
G.711 (option: iLBC)
2 channels, 20 voicemail boxes, 20 fax boxes
3 ports max., compliant with FTZ 123 D12-0
30 V AC, 1 A max.
Ethernet port (LAN), 10/100Base-T (10/100 Mbit/s, twisted pair),
full/half duplex, auto negotiation
1 USB host V1.1
1 slot for COMpact 2VoIP or 6VoIP Module 
3 slots for COMpact 2ISDN, POTS, 2POTS and TSM Modules
plastic, chassis with cover and snap lid
301 mm x 243 mm x 86.5 mm
approx. 1,500 g (without expansion modules)